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Trina Michaels

Added: July 27, 2009 | Runtime: 45:20 | 793 Photos
Trina Michaels finally made it over here to get an ass whoopin'. I was wondering what took her so long because usually it's only a matter of time before every whore with half a name ends up on our couch. She was a good whore because she knew her place. She took slaps like a battered wife. She took insults like a retard in gym class. She was the pinnacle of fail. The cock's made her spew up all kinds of goop. They made her ass look like a black hole. She was definitely down for the count in the roughest scene she ever did. Then, as usual, we all nutted on her face. She sat there jizz covered pondering why she chose to be whore instead of flip fish sticks at Long John Silver's.

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