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Shy, Bashful, and Cruelly Cummed

Added: September 23, 2022 | Runtime: 56:33 | 899 Photos
Beautiful shy cock sucker in her early 20's came here to learn about life and to emotionally reconcile with her toughest opponent of all--herself. She began by answering some uncomfortable questions, followed by a chaser of yellow discipline. She got down on her knees in her rightful place, Bootleg pulled out a titty from her teddy, and she stuffed it back in. A real modest one, no joke. She began to swallow. Her face was pumped with dick until I could hear a churning, and then these big, beautiful, sullen brown eyes looked over at me. She liked being naughty, but this was just extra naughty, and she was reconciling in real time. Bootleg fucked her face good, and then bent her over to fuck that delicious, sopping wet, pink pussy. He fucked that thing hard until you could hear the gooshy noises of her dick holster. She got fucked seven ways to subway and was placed on her ass in the cum catching position. Her innocent face was the perfect canvas for 3 pearly white loads of cum. The first ropey load adorned her forehead, she briefly closed her eyes. When she opened them, she was someplace else, perhaps someplace a little nicer.

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