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Reluctant British Bitch Bred

Added: December 9, 2022 | Runtime: 01:05:58 | 961 Photos
Not since 1776 have the Britts suffered such a defeat. They had a few wins with Tyson Fury slamming the fuck out of Deontay Wilder, but this was as epic of a defeat for the former colonizing empire. This girl was collared, slapped hard, took tons of spit, drank yellow discipline, cleaned shoes with her tongue, got fucked in ass extremely hard while being fish hooked. She got DP’d and she said in her sexy British voice “use me” as her tight asshole gripped their cocks like a vise. They fed her dick straight out of her ass like the British people have been fed diversity by the WEF. Her face was planted in the whore bowl as she got fucked from behind which totally showed off her awesomely tight body with her small perky tits and meaty firm ass. This woman really gave it her all because she loved being degraded. She knows her purpose in life and I commend her for it. But what a fine specimen of female-the perfect fuck toy with a tight body and beautiful face, and sexy holes that beg to be plowed. She had a hairy bush but kept it trimmed on the fun parts, and the Vaccinated Vandal filled that Limey pussy with Tony Science’ s finest sauce. You could see the trepidation on her face as he pumped her pussy full of cum. Her pussy was so tight it held onto that load like a zip lock. She ate lots of man ass, and her ass was fucked with long, deep, power strokes, as she was ass up and face planted on the floor. She was ready for cum on her face, and 3 loads splattered all over it. The amount of cum was overwhelming, and degrading, and then she ate every last drop. She was finished off with the whore bowl which left her befuddled beside herself.

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