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Mrs Bootleg

Added: February 13, 2022 | Runtime: 44:46 | 824 Photos
It's been awhile since we've filmed a sea hag. It's good to sometimes to never forget where you came from. When we started 20 years ago, it was whoever showed up at the seedy motel. We ran into this one in the hotel lobby after she had a fight her biker boyfriend. So I pitched her the shoot, and here she is, wacky and retarded. This scene is a cluster fuck, but beautiful in it's rawness. It's like the olden days, 20 fuckin years ago, boys! She sat there emotionless as Boots sodomized her--maybe a grimace of discomfort. She didn't like it. I stood erect. I wouldn't be surprised if I see her soon on the "Dark White Underbelly." Getting fucked brought back some bad memories it seemed--she began to suck her thumb. At one point she got so mad she took a swing at Bootleg and Boots slipped the jab. She had a temper. A real bad one. She didn't like drinking Yellow Discipline either, but she did. She took 2 loads and she hated it. She hated the spit shower even more. She gives us the middle finger, defiantly, and storms off set, and instant karma. Well boys, I'll leave it at that. Watch the vid.

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