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Facial Abuse » Mindy Deep 2

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Runtime: 473 Photos, 45 min of video

Mindy Deep 2 : Deeper... LOL. Anyway, the blonde dingbat is back to endure more throat stretching, face slapping and fucked up stories from her twisted past. I feel we upped the ante this time around. Her first visit, we learned that she was in an abusive relationship and got knocked around... which makes sense why she reacted why she did with the slaps. This time, we blind folded her so she couldn't see them coming. Oh man... watching her brace and flinch was hysterical. She's a good bitch, though... so we treated her like one... parading her around in a dog collar and when she behaved, she was given a chew toy. I'm proud of this dumb cunt. In the face of adversity, she rises above. A lot of you dumb twats should take a page out of her book. Mindy Deep 2 is a messy, snot dripping booger shooting wild ride.

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