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Mia Rider 2 AKA Alexis Lee

Added: September 24, 2012 | Runtime: 44:36 | 301 Photos
I like Mia Rider. Sure, she's fucking dumb but she has big tits and Jimmy loves big tits! Ever since her first scene with us, a lot has changed. For starters, we've become ten times more awesome. Our crew has developed into a well oiled machine ready to wreak havoc on porn bitches. Even though Mia Rider has somewhat of a name, we couldn't care less. Moreover, since this is her return visit, we had to step up our game and make this scene epic. Honestly, we did. Pauly Harker and Bootleg dished out the punishment the way only dirty Jersey can. Mia's mouth was throttled until she barfed up her rice and noodles... which is funny because she was bragging about how she's so good at deep throating cock. Sorry bitch... LA porn don't count. Then, we went nutso on that tight little Asian asshole of hers. We shoved everything we could find up that stank hole. When she was all used up, loads were dumped on her face and she was sent packing. I highly doubt we'll be seeing her again...

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