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Karena O'Reilley

Added: August 23, 2010 | Runtime: 39:24 | 524 Photos
Karena was born into poverty in her homeland of Romania. Her gypsy ass thought America was the land of milk and honey. I believe today she learned you need more than yeast between your legs, you need bread (money) to make it here. Today she was a 3 holed circus sideshow. We penetrated her very core as the last of her innocence dripped in tear form down her face. Just like junkies, whores need to hit rock bottom. We provide that service here at Facial Abuse. Cock bottom my cock at the bottom of her throat as she spews out her goulash, then pound her dirt road and her fish hole. Until we grew tired of her and given her all the tough love she deserves. Then we blasted her with our meat cannons of destruction. Drenched in our scrotum salad dressing, she dawns an uneasy smile. Karena will remorsefully remember our encounter.

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