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Jordyn Peaks

Added: December 21, 2009 | Runtime: 47:59 | 518 Photos
Did you ever fantasize about the chick playing catcher on the softball team? Me neither, but here she is. Jordyn probably has more experience with vagina in the girls locker room than the average 10 guys. However, today was a challenge for her with our spitting cobras. "Youth is wasted on the Young" is a phrase that kept popping in my head, because every time a cock would pop out of her mouth something pseudo intellectual would come out of hers. It's funny when at 19 you think you know it all, especially in the positions she was in... Pfff! Surprisingly though, if you throw a big broad on her back and lay it into her, it's not that bad. As opposed to having all that weight on top, laying on you and fucking like a dead fish. Experience is the best teacher in life, and I believe we gave her some. You're welcome, Jordyn.

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