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Jocelyn Jade

Added: October 19, 2009 | Runtime: 44:22 | 566 Photos
Jocelyn Jade is doing her first extreme porn. A lot of chicks do a few videos with the local riff raff around here, but do you really consider some dude getting his dick sucked and never publishing the content a director? Neither do I. So here she is, on our sofa, about to get her tonsils drilled. She had a spunky little way about her, witty, sarcastic, you know the type. That lasted until the first crack of Big Red's hand. Then she was as pliable as Play-Doh. She did what she was told. Amazing how obedient she became. Taking cock after cock, after thrusting hard cock. She gave me those empty eyes as the cocks fucked her face and she slobbered like an epileptic during a fit. Her tight ass got stretched out as Bootleg & Big Red took turns on it. Then she got bathed in goo, and that snarky attitude was covered in pearl white paste.

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