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Jenny Hamilton

Added: December 13, 2010 | Runtime: 48:57 | 438 Photos
I'm scratching my head today. Is this the result of women burning their bras for equality? Ask Jenny, she was probably there 'cause today, gentlemen, we have a grandmother. This lady is someone's grandmother. A 3 holed grandmother, and they we're all put to the test. Bootleg started with her head hole, once it was decidedly bored out, then proceeded to the rest of this fellow Boomer Generation's dirt road and fish hole. Mrs. Hamilton even got DPed. Then it was time for her to get splattered with the batter. Some good ol' fashion nut butter we carefully applied 3 layers to her weathered face. I do believe she earned a new wrinkle of wisdom for this one. Whomever said you can't teach an old bitch some new tricks.

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