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Holly North 2

Added: August 21, 2014 | Runtime: 39:51 | 878 Photos
Here's what's up... the girl we were originally going to shoot tonight showed up with a cluster of herpes sores all over her lips. Needless to say, she was kicked out of the fucking studio as quickly as humanly possible. After fumigating the entire place, we made a few frantic calls to find a replacement whore. The only one in the area that could make it on such short notice is Frumpy McGrumpy aka Holly North. She was literally just here, and no one really cared to have her back. We were told she's going to do anal this time around. With no proper prep time, what could go wrong? You guessed it... EVERYTHING! We brought Gio up from the minor league to lend Harker a hand with the face fucking duties. That went well but as soon as her ass was split open... well, take a guess what happened. We shot what we could and then switched it up to pussy sex. Neither guy wanted to fuck this broad and I don't blame them. Today, they had to put in work.

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