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Hailey Young 3

Added: March 19, 2012 | Runtime: 44:35 | 582 Photos
Hailey Young is back... and guess what, she's not getting any prettier. In fact, she looked like shit ran over twice. Whores, man... they age like dogs. 2 whore years equals 14 real people years. Oh well... I'm not losing sleep over it. What I am losing sleep over is how this cunt made me wait 7 fucking hours to put on her make-up and do her hair. Real actresses getting ready for the Academy Awards don't take that long... and they sure as fuck look better than this hag. Oh... and newsbreak, Hailey Young... what are you pushing 30 now? In porn, that means you're old and shot out. Lose the "Young" in the last name. Anyway... onto the shoot. We knew we had to step it up big time since it's her 3rd time back. That's a Face Fucking record. We went extra gross on her, shoving her face in puke. Big Red also blew out that tiny little asshole with his giant meat. She probably won't be sitting down for a week. Enjoy! This is a great one...

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