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Added: October 8, 2012 | Runtime: 42:25 | 251 Photos
Poor Treasure... literally. She shows up to the shoot with the clothes on her back. Her dignity, left somewhere on the streets a year ago when she first became a whore. I will say this, for an innocent little flower, she took everything we dished out and kept going. Sure, it got emotional and she broke down in tears but she sucked it up and kept on trucking. Oh, and on a side note, this is THE MOST AMOUNT OF BARF I'VE EVER SEEN. Seriously, she had to set some sort of record in the amount of puke that spewed from her chubby belly. It was so gross that Bootleg nearly puked and he has an iron stomach. I had to put my shirt over my nose to block the stench from her vomit. Oh, the things I do for money... Long story short, here's another heartbreaking tale of some random whore losing her innocence while you jerk off. Enjoy!

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