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Added: January 25, 2010 | Runtime: 45:35 | 570 Photos
This is Tonya's first porno. She was really impressive. She didn't walk in with some diva attitude like she was important, because after all, how important can you be if you suck cock for a living. So she allowed the cock to go deep into her throat without any fuss. She got used to the cock going deep and having the balls slap off her chin like a missed layup. She had some big ass perky titties too; they weren't all sloppy and messy. They stood up nice and perky, just enough so you could lay a good smack across them. After a good 40 minutes of us borrowing her holes and dignity, we were done with her like a gym sock you use as a nut rag before you toss it in the hamper. She was covered in cum, her holes stretched, but she had a sense of accomplishment. That's a first timer for you!

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