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Added: May 23, 2011 | Runtime: 38:08 | 300 Photos
Part of me feels bad for Kathryn. Her agent totally fucking blindsided her with this shoot. You see, Kathryn has never did anything as extreme as this and she was shitting bricks waiting for it all to go down. I know... you'd think she was tougher since she is a skilled mixed martial artist and has all those stupid looking prison-style tattoos. But deep down, she's just a softie. Tonight, she was pushed further than she ever imagined she could go. I've never seen so much puke from one person in my life. As soon as Red slid his cock in her mouth, she was barfing. Part of me wondered if she is a dyke in her real life because cock seemed foreign to her. Either that or she's one super lame girlfriend. Her stomach contents filled the dog bowl with the quickness. We left it there for the entire shoot to remind her just how much of a degenerate piece of shit we think she is. After the cum was done dripping from her face, Red took the puke bowl and emptied it over her head. The cycle of shame was complete.

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