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Added: November 1, 2010 | Runtime: 38:58 | 474 Photos
Bethany is a total newbie and thought porn would be a unique experience. Bethany just didn't know how far down the rabbit hole she would go. Harker soloed her journey into whoredom. He was a good guide to her through the madness. Bethany came to us with dreams of Hollywood, and we gave her a dose of reality. There are many steps on the path to whoredom. I believe being born in a trailer park you skip many, pass go, and collect 200 bucks on your back. Once you sit on our couch you are half way there, and we ride you the rest of the way. Bethany got it a little less extreme because there was only one dude, but she didn't have a walk in the park either. So Bethany, if you ever want to come back, get some acne pads for your ass, and polish up your I Can't Believe It's Not Butta teeth. This whore got 2 loads, and a lesson that probably won't set in. Some people you just can't teach. FLUSH... this is the beginning of her Downward Spiral... Enjoy the Ride it shall be bumpy.

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