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Added: November 19, 2022 | Runtime: 01:04:19 | 988 Photos
A lot of women find FacialAbuse medicinal. This has been a trope for many years. Bootleg had office hours today, and probed her mine like a badger in a bee hive. He elicited many things and asked her those questions as he fucked her. She was willing to love anyone at this point. The Vaccinated Vandal shot his cum in her pussy because she wanted to be loved. She was all emotional as he filled her up with his milk white altered dna seed. Maybe she'll get myocarditis, but we hope not. Bootleg used her in many ways, too. First he used her as a commode. She swallowed all of the yellow discipline. Then he pumped her throat like he was drilling for that fine texas crude that potatus put a stop to. Then he got inside her head like Putin does to the Manlet Zelensky. Boots fucked her ass until it looked like that black guy Tyson Fury fucked up. Then they DP'd her hard and methodical. She turned pink like a little piggy from all the whoopins she took. 4 loads were dumped that day: 1 in her pussy, and 3 on her face which she swallowed up. Then came the whore bowl. When we had her pick up the schlop with her mouth, she began to sperg out like a Rekeita Rant. At the end, they just ignored her and let her find her own way to the outhouse in the middle of the E.O hood at 3 am. I wonder if she found it ok.

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