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Facial Abuse » Erika Devine

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Runtime: 1267 Photos, 54 min of video

Oh... poor Erika Devine. She's made all the wrong choices in her life. From distancing herself from her parents due to their religious beliefs to getting caught up in a credit card scam, this pig has scum bag written all over her. Today, she adds to her list of bad decisions by sitting on our couch and getting some of the most hardcore treatment her tiny stick figure body could handle. First things first, this chick weighs a little under 100 pounds and has about 1 percent body fat. In Pauly's words, "She shouldn't be alive.". Take that and mix it with giant cocks getting slammed into her face at record speeds and you have what we all expect... emotional melt down. Next, take those same giant cocks and cram them in the tiniest little pussy hole and you have one stretched out set of meat flaps. Bottom line... this scene is great. Hard to the core!

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