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Doleful Eyes Supple Thighs

Added: August 2, 2023 | Runtime: 59:33 | 888 Photos
The piercing stare of damaged goods,
The sullen visage of mourning “shoulds”
The feckless tries of touching wood,
No quarter drawn to end the woe.
The lights are gone,
They’ve taken down the faire;
Or were they ever even there?

There is something enchanting and magical about her eyes. Is she from above or below? I’m frozen, affixed at their glow. There is something different about these eyes, like amethyst and tiger’s eye and jade, but jaded long before their time. Almost like she existed prior to this interval. Bootleg and the Vaccinated Vandal had the privilege of having a go on such a fine succubus. She was obedient for sure. She knelt like royalty and took the dicks. She drank the gender fluid and became an ethereal mess. Down the neck dicks went, to and fro, as her tits undulated as wheat in the field bends in the breeze. They tenderized her thoroughly. She was caused to get on all fours, plowed from behind, and something tells me this is her favorite position. She was put on the breeding bench and The Vaccinated Vandal filled her womb as she begged for offspring. He obliged her his seed. She was then covered in three huge loads. She straddled Bootleg in reverse cowgirl, while the cum dripped down, veiling her doleful eyes and face, dripping onto her tits, as she stared forth and rode hard.

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