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Destroyed Sperg

Added: December 5, 2021 | Runtime: 52:59 | 987 Photos
She’s only 19 and as cute as button. She’s a little peculiar, however. I think it adds to her complexity and mystique. She got face fucked while her eyes were locked on my lens. I could see her wounded soul. Tears began to stream down her cheeks as we made eye contact. I knew what she was thinking. She trundled on. After a few minutes of face fucking, she grew very messy and felt disgust and shame. She opened her mouth and a nice stream of yellow discipline was fired into her mouth. She swallowed it and it was an overwhelming feeling for her, being a toilet and all. Her tight pussy was the size of an asshole on a flesh light, and it was pounded until she began to sperg out. She said, “you’re fucking me too hard. It’s too deep!” When we were done with her pussy we shot 4 loads on her face. When she was caused to eat it, the taste made her cry. There was a mixture of cum and tears which epitomized completion. She knew she was reduced. The patriarchy put up a big W today, for all of mankind.

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