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Facial Abuse » Amor Vond

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Runtime: 410 Photos, 39 min of video

Amor Vond has plans to move, so that's why she is doing a scene tonight. She has big plans for her and her boyfriend to start a new life in some hick state where toothbrushes are not required. I love a girl who is selling her ass to better her life for her and her man; I mean, think about that for a second. That's why it's so fun to just have your way on someone else's girl. It makes every orafice feel so much better, and the look on her eyes with every deep and hard thrust just lets you know she is thinking about her man and the loving times they have, but a firm slap quickly brings her back to reality. We fucked her face nice and hard, and then her tight pussy. She was besides herself as we went to town on her. She whimpered as cocks went down her throat and deep in her pussy, but she knew that the money from this would change her life. We nutted all over her face and let her sit there and ponder the mistake she just made, as semen dripped into her eyes and on to her tits.

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