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Amor Hilton

Added: April 20, 2015 | Runtime: 50:04 | 568 Photos
You know those girls that are hot, but suck at everything? The ones that think they can slip through life with their good looks, but then wonder why their lives are in shambles? It's never their fault though, right? News flash. It is your fault. It's because you half ass everything that your life is the way it is. That is the story of Amor Hilton's life. She's a scene queen type... you know, the kind that have tattoos that look cool now but will solidify her as street trash in 15 years. Well, today she worked harder than ever. Having cocks push past her throat barrier was an enlightening experience... one she hated. Have big cocks crammed inside her stinky twat had her legs shaking and her walking around like a new born calf. She's spent. Game over. Please quit porn...

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