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Allie Foster 2

Added: May 18, 2009 | Runtime: 42:38 | 769 Photos
Allie Foster came back because I fucked things up like Corky Thatcher at the controls of the Space Shuttle. Anyways... We destroyed her. It was ugly. It was like Tyson vs. Spinks, except it went on for over 30 minutes. I slapped those pudgy cheeks like it was an ass. She went to the balls on the cocks so many times she was as dizzy as a good night of drinking on a Blue Fish trip. I honestly think every last drop of pride was erased from her psyche. She was just a bag of skin with hair, nothing more. When we blasted all over her face, she was completely covered. I made her wipe it all over her face and into her hair like that fag on the head and shoulders commercials. Then she waddled off to the bathroom, tits swinging like a big bowl of jello.

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